Closing this blog

My father believed I was born with a gypsy gene and I’d only stop when my mind and/or body told me it was time. In May I turn 65. I’m tired.

I had a one-month trip to AndalucĂ­a planned, but the thought of another 11-hour plane ride (each way from Mexico City) left me exhausted. I canceled.

I have lived in 5 countries and 14 cities. Been fortunate to have visited dozens more of each.

I will dedicate my remaining years making short films, writing and producing plays and teaching English.

I hope I’ve educated and entertained to some extent. I’ve enjoyed writing about my travels. Thank you.

My Portugal Trip (Jan-Apr 2018)

The first trip I blogged I didn’t pay for a site name without all the numbers. So, I don’t think it received the exposure of this travel blog. Because of that I’m putting the link to it here.

I happened to arrive in Portugal during the coldest winter in 30 years, which led me to take a one-month trip to Morocco.

Here’s the link:

A Mexico City Tourist Website in English

Mexico City has become one of the most popular and exciting travel destinations in the world. It looks like the Mexican government is aware of that and has created a comprehensive website to assist all of the international visitors going there.

I’m moving to MC in a few weeks and I’ll consult the site for things to do, so it’s not just for tourists.

Here’s the link:

At this time I don’t believe there’s an app. Hopefully, one will be coming soon. There are other apps available in the Google Play store, but I can’t verify their quality.