ViaHero – trip planner

About a month before my trip I discovered a fairly new trip planning company called ViaHero. They operate in in only a few countries, but seem to be expanding into new ones at a steady pace. One of the countries they have a presence in is Colombia.

Their unique approach to trip planning is to assign a local resident to a traveler. Or the traveler can choose the resident. Although I’d never used such a service I decided to give it a try; more out of curiosity than anything. I chose Naomi based on the match of my interests and her areas of expertise, and let her plan my 4 days in Bogotá.

From what I saw you can’t get one planner for an entire country. I’m visiting 3 cities on the mainland. If I had wanted my 5 days in Medellín planned, I’d have had to find a local from there.

Anyway, to say Naomi surpassed my expectations would be an understatement. The details, the options and her knowledge of the city shone through on every page of the itinerary; thirty-nine pages for four days including what scams to watch for, whether certain areas were safe or not, etc.

I didn’t follow Naomi’s plan religiously. In fact, I used only 50% or so, but it was still worth $30/day. I probably won’t use ViaHero again because I love planning my trips and I have the time to do it. For travelers who are ultra-busy or like a professionally designed schedule to follow this is the trip planner for them.

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