Béisbol in Oaxaca!

One overlooked activity in Oaxaca is watching their Triple-A Mexican League baseball team play. The Oaxaca Guerreros arrived in the mid-1990’s. They play their games at Eduardo Vasconcelos Stadium located on Hwy 190 not far from El Centro.  The season runs from the end of April to the end of July (April 26-July 19 this year for the regular season, then the palyoffs).

I’ve been to a couple of games and each time the tickets were 2 for 1. Where I like to sit the tickets are 60 pesos ($3) so you only pay 30 pesos for each one if you come with a friend. Beers are 70 pesos, but they are also 2 for 1. You can buy tortas, crepas, slices of Dominos pizza and other assorted snacks if you get hungry. Last night I took a couple of friends. They had never been to a baseball game and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They wanted to know when we could go again.

Weeknight games begin at 7pm; Saturday and Sunday games start at 5pm.

If you like baseball watching the Guerreros play is a fun and inexpensive night of entertainment.


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