My Second Book Is Finished!

I know that this has nothing to do with Croatia, but I can justify posting about it as it falls under “& More.” 🙂

Below is the promotional blurb for the book on Amazon.

When my Peace Corps service ended (Kyrgyzstan 2008-10) I knew I wanted to continue living and teaching abroad. The first offer came from China, a country that mystifies many and is understood by few. I accepted a teaching position at a university in Nanchang, Jiangxi province and began an exciting, adventurous new chapter of my life. Thinking I would only stay a year, I lived there for five as I taught, traveled and most of all, learned much about a part of the world that was previously a mystery to me.

The format of the book follows that of my first one, “Mail from Kyrgyzstan: My Life As An Over-50 Peace Corps Volunteer.” It includes the emails I wrote to friends and family, and in addition to them I have added my personal thoughts, expanded on stories and added new material that I didn’t think appropriate to write about at the time.

Only $0.99 for the ebook. Please share this post and thank you for your support.


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